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Benefits of Mock Interviews

  1. Practice: Practice common pageant questions and develop interview skills.

  2. Feedback: Receive constructive feedback on answers and presentation.

  3. Confidence: Build confidence and reduce nerves for actual pageant.

  4. Preparation: Prepare for unexpected or challenging questions.

  5. Improvement: Improve overall communication and presentation abilities.

How prepared are you for a pageant interview?
Complete this survey to Find out and Enter to Win

1) Rate yourself (1 to 5 stars) for each question below.
2) Count your stars and click results to find out how prepared you are!
How well can you express why you want the title you are competing for?
How comfortable are you with speaking in public?
How easy is it for you to talk about yourself?
How precise are your answers to questions?
How eager are you to be interviewed?
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