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6 Things to Research About Your First Plus Size Beauty Pageant

First order of business before signing up for your first plus size pageant must be to research a pageant system's mission, their values and what it means to you to be involved. Being aligned with a pageant system's purpose helps to eliminate misunderstandings as to what is expected of you as a contestant and what it is the pageant system offers. Some plus size pageant systems may strictly be beauty based and may only have on stage/photogenic categories...others may include categories such a swimsuit competition, Interview, on stage talent, fitness wear etc. Some systems may also be platform based where all contestants are required to have a charity or cause that they represent during their reign as a local, state, national or international queen. A great place to start your research is by visiting the pageant system's website where you can use the following formula to collect basic and important information to include in your pageant notebook!

*What- Determine what the focus of the pageant is. Is it inclusive to Plus size women? Does the pageant have a Plus size division? Is it a local, national or International pageant? Is the system conservative or more plus size modeling focus? Is it a pageant for biological women who compete in drag? Get into the meat and potatoes on what type of beauty the pageant highlights to see if it matches the queen you are.

*Why- This should answer the question why you should be involved with the pageant system. Here you can take note of any opportunity for awards, prize packages for winners/runners- up, and possible stories/ads/video clips of the success of the reigning/former queens. You should be able to see yourself reign as their queen.

*When- Dates on when the pageant will take place. Note any deadlines for fees, paperwork, contests, etc prior to pageant day. Also take note if there are any informational or meet and greet they may host to provide more information about the pageant.

*Where- Location of the pageant event as well as host hotel

.Also look out for possible auditions or preliminary competitions they may hold that maybe required for you to be eligible to compete.

*How- Learn the process on how to enter the pageant. How much does it cost to enter. Download any pageant paperwork if available on the website. If you have additional questions, make sure there in information on how to get in contact with someone in the pageant system for communication.

With knowledge comes success and queens who take the time to research before entering a beauty pageant are more likely to have a positive pageant experience. Don't step into your first plus pageant journey blind, step into it knowing what you're getting into...step into your spotlight on your first plus pageant stage!



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