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5 Things for Plus Queens to Expect During Pageant Week

After you've made all of your preparations and planning you've made for your plus pageant...the big week is finally here....Pageant Week! This will be one of the most climatic and exciting part of your plus pageant journey...but if not prepared for what's to come, it can be severely stressful and can affect your performance during your competition. Here are a few things to expect and some tips on being prepared for anything during a potentially chaotic pageant week!

Miss Plus America Pageant - Janelle Myers
Miss Plus America Pageant

Packing, Travel & Arrival: Pageant week usually starts off with finishing up your packing. It's recommended to start packing for your pageant 3-5 days prior to travel. Using a *Plus Pageant Packing List* will ensure that you don't leave behind any essentials. Make sure to get a good night's rest the evening before you travel, stop by the ATM to get cash, set your alarm and plan to arrive early for any flights/bus/train trips. If you plan on driving, make sure to fill your gad tank the day before your trip and check the weather reports. Always plan to arrive earlier than required in case of any travel delays and make sure that you are traveling in style! During pageant week you always want to look your best in and out of never know who sees you!

Parties & Events: Pageant week requires alot of work but can also be a whole lot of fun! Pageant system's will keep you busy with events and parties to help you unwind and have a good times with the other contestants. Make sure to follow dress code for each event and always plan to arrive a few minutes early to events. Even though these aren't considered "competition" you still want to be a professional queen...besides, how you display yourself during pageant week is one of the ways pageant staff and possibly judges can see how you would conduct yourself as a reigning queen. Lastly, try not to party too hard! Sometimes it maybe fun to be the last man standing or party till the lights come on, but in this case...once the main event is complete, do a little socializing then go get some rest. It's easy to forget you're at a pageant until it hits you the next morning!

Competitions: Make sure to pay very close attention to your pageant schedule for competitions. Plan to get enough rest, make sure you schedule any appointments for hair/makeup etc. in enough time prior to your competition time. Always plan for possible delays by scheduling a little extra early. Many times there is so much excitement going on during pageant week that sometimes we forget to eat. Make sure to eat something light so that it won't affect the way any wardrobe fits. Stay hydrated by drinking water. Right before your Interview, costume, fashion, fitness, swimsuit, talent, evening gown or any optional competition, take a moment to take some deep breathes, meditate or pray for spiritual guidance and/or express gratitude for being there in the moment.

Making New Connections: They say you never know what impact a person can make in your life. During pageant week, you will meet queen from all across the country...and some times all across the globe! Just like you, your fellow queens have many different talents coming from an array of backgrounds. During any free time, take a moment to get to know different may possibly make a new friend or business partner. Making connections during pageant week can broaden your network and open you up to many opportunities long after the pageant has ended which holds the same amount of value as winning the crown.

Finals Night: This will be one of the most emotional day during pageant week. I like to say that finals night is the true indicator on who's truly a queen of the evening. On this day you may have a day of rehearsals and possibly still have competitions to complete. Its important to have your support system shower love on you this day whether in person, phone, video. Remind yourself that this pageant week is a celebration of your accomplishments as a queen...and not to see who's better or worse. It's ok to be disappointed if the outcome isn't in your is at that moment that you make the decision to take the pageant journey you been on to be better or be bitter. Congratulate the winning queen/s and continue to make connections and have a ball after the pageant is over. Most queens go to grab there favorite meal to celebrate a successful pageant week. And if you are the crowned queen....Congratulations! Understand that the work will NOW begin, but for now...celebrate with your fellow queens...YOU DESERVE IT!

Pageant week can be intense and is no easy task but when prepared and knowing what to expect, it will be an experience you won't forget and will take with you for your future pageant journeys...because I guarantee you, you're going to want to do it again!



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