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Why does the world need Plus Pageants?

Learn why Janelle Myers, Founder of Plus Pageants Network, was inspired to create a network to advance plus size pageantry.

My discovery of plus pageants came at a time in my life when I was struggling with low self esteem. I found myself seeking outlets to lift my spirits and to help me feel better about myself. I signed up a couple of times but backed out, fearing that I wouldn't be good at it or good enough to win. Little did I know that my community involvement would ignite my pageant career after being asking to judge the Miss Teen Fort Lauderdale Pageant in 2008 as a community leader.

I've always had a love for pageantry. I remember growing up and having my family and I sit together and watch the Miss Universe and Miss America Pageants. It wasn't till just a few years ago that I learned that my family's love for pageantry came from them being proud of the first black Miss Universe, Janelle Penny Commissiong, was from my family's native island of Trinidad & Tobago. My mother was so proud that she named me after her.

As a judge I was inspired by the confidence of the young ladies competing and it reminded me of the fearlessness that we were all born with before life builds fear within us. It was those moments as a judge that I chose to confront my fears about competing in a pageant.

There was no Plus Pageants Network and not much information online about plus size pageants when my curiosity was peaked about competing, but thanks to Google, I did find information on Miss Plus America and decided to compete.

I started to prepare for my first pageant in 2012. I was excited and encouraged by the many sponsors who to supported me. I felt confident in my preparations, but during competition, I found out I wasn't as prepared as I thought! I still had the time of my life competing and meeting all of the Queens, many of whom I am still close friends with.

I was committed to enjoying my time competing but didn't understand the ins and outs of how to best express myself in the pageant world. I was unsure about proper etiquette and best looks, and I did not have the right mindset about myself. I needed to be more comfortable with who I was in order to exude a winning confidence to the judges. My insecurities were definitely magnified.

I decided to hire a coach, and with guidance and understanding of how to work with my individual looks and build confidence, I was able to gain much more clarity on how properly prepare myself for a pageant.

Now that I feel confident and comfortable in my skin, I have not only competed and won pageants, but I've helped other Queens compete and win also! I had to be able to express and showcase what I can bring to the table as a Queen. Now, I know how to conduct myself as a Queen and continue to have the time of my life competing and assisting others.

With the journey I've had, I feel inspired to help new Queens, vendors, pageant directors, pageant systems, and all other plus size pageant enthusiasts navigate through the world of Plus Pageantry by providing these helpful resources:

I know the struggle of stepping out into an unknown world, and I hope these pageantry resources will help others avoid many of the challenges I've had on my journey. There is so much potential for us all to advance the flourishing world of Plus Pageantry, and I believe together, we can all go further.

Janelle Myers, Founder Plus Pageants Network

- Janelle Myers

Founder Plus Pageants Network & Pageant Prep with Janelle


Ms. Classic Beauty International Elite 2019/2020

Ms. Trinidad & Tobago Classic Beauty International 2019

Miss Florida Plus America Ambassador 2016

Ms. American Beauties Plus 2014

Ms. Nevada American Beauties Plus 2014

Ms. Nevada Plus America 2013

Ms. California Plus America 2012





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